Jane's recent visit to an RDA Centre in New Zealand

On a recent holiday I went to visit an RDA centre in Kaitaia, New Zealand.


I was interested to see the comparison between New Zealand and the UK.

The volunteers at the centre were very welcoming and were keen to show us around.

They have a lovely indoor arena and a grass outdoor arena. The scenery for hacking is spectacular as you can see from the photographs.


The horses and ponies were very much the RDA stamp, older, safe and steady, native types. We were fortunate enough to see a lesson taking place. The children were from a special school situated 1 hours drive from Kaitaia.

Most of the riders have to travel a distance to attend because Kaitaia is in the very north of New Zealand, in a not very populated area. The group currently has 25 riders per week, riding over 2 mornings, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Everyone we met was a volunteer and I was surprised to see just how similar their volunteers are to ours.

Kind, caring people who have some spare time and want to help improve people's lives.

It felt a bit strange to be on the other side of the world yet everything feeling familiar.

I would like to thank all the volunteers at Kaitaia, especially Chris Timmins and Ade Gleadall for making us so welcome.

Keep up the good work.